Social Accountability Platform

In Uganda, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are implementing a number of initiatives aimed at promoting state accountability. Despite their capacity challenges; CSOs have made modest improvements to empower citizens to demand accountability. Furthermore, there has been inadequate information to show what exactly is being done or how much has been achieved through these initiatives.DSC_0062

Uganda National NGO Forum hosts the Social Accountability Platform which was formed in 2010, to coordinate, create synergy and provide a reflection space for accountability actors in Uganda. The overall goal of the platform is to increase the contribution of the Civil Society Sector in promoting accountability by state and non state institutions through mandated representation and advocacy on issues of common interest to citizens.

The key undertakings under the Social Accountability Platform include learning events, CSO reflection and sharing meetings, sharing information through the weekly newsletter and organizing the Annual Anti-Corruption Convention. UNNGOF is also a member of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) which avails vital information on Social Accountability and financial support in form of grants; such opportunities have been shared to all platform members.