EAC Platform

Civil Society Organisations play a critical role in ensuring that regional integration benefits the citizens up to the grassroots by creating mechanisms that are responsive to their needs and concerns. At the national level, Uganda National NGO Forum is the hosts of EACSOF-Uganda Chapter which is positioned to enhance the capacity of the EAC to connect deeply with citizens at the grassroots through the EAC Consultative Dialogue Framework; in which National Thematic Clusters connect to the Regional Thematic Platforms and subsequently to the EAC Structures and Processes.

Under the EAC platform we carry out interventions that enhance citizen awareness of and participation in the integration process and eventually use this information to build a citizen-led process that enables millions of people in East Africa exercise greater initiative to improve their situation and hold their governments to account. The interventions include: sensitization campaigns on EAC, popularization of the EAC integration agenda, capacity building for Civil Society Organizations , domestication and institutionalization of the East African Civil Society Organization’s Forum (EACSOF) in Uganda, research and policy engagement.