National Values fundamental in rebuilding effective and efficient public institutions

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In 2013, the National ethical values policy was launched. The constitution of the Republic of Uganda 1995, under the national objectives and directives principles of state policy XXIV provides that cultural and customary values which are consistent with fundamental human rights and freedoms, human dignity, democracy and with the constitution may be developed and incorporated in aspects of Ugandans’ life. To this end, the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity developed the National Ethical Values Policy, which draws its strengths from the national Anthem and the National Motto- For God and My Country. The main objective of the policy is to promote and preserve the rich cultural identity and values of Uganda in order to enhance national development within a harmonious environment.

National values and ethics can only be a preserve of a nation if they are known and practiced by citizens. On this note therefore on 23rd June 2017 the Uganda National NGO Forum in partnership with the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity with support from UNDP organized a dissemination meeting on the National Values Policy in Iganga District. The meeting held at Ntinda Valley Resort Hotel Iganga was attended by 40 stakeholders and aimed to disseminate the national ethical values policy to key stakeholders and generate strategies on how a culture of integrity can be streamlines within our communities and public offices. To present the national ethics and values policy was Mr. Robinson Oduka Director ethics at the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity in the office of the President. The National values include;

  1. Respect for humanity and environment
  2. Honesty; uphold and defend the truth at all times
  3. Justice and fairness in dealing with others
  4. Hard work for self reliance
  5. Integrity; moral uprightness and sound character
  6. Creativity and innovativeness
  7. Social Responsibility
  8. Social Harmony
  9. National Unity
  10. National Consciousness and patriotism

Speaking at the dissemination meeting, the Iganga LCV Vice Chairperson Mr. Kibwiika Michael noted that individual values have a very big impact on institutional values and thus called for self examination to ensure integrity is maintained to ensure quality service delivery. Ms. Muhindo Pulkeria the RDC Iganga while closing the meeting emphasized the role of family in imparting morals in young children so that values are respected right from young age.

As a take away, stakeholders proposed a number of strategies for streamlining the national values to build strong national institutions and communities with a culture of ethics and these include; More awareness raising for the National values for all citizens to know and observe, Enact bi-laws at district level that will enforce the national levels, Family should play its role in imparting morals and national values into children, Produce and disseminate IEC materials on national values, Develop a national language that unites all Ugandans, Review the National curriculum to produce skilled graduates, Media partners with anti-corruption agencies in sensitizing the nation of the values and integrity, Media also should expose government officials, agencies and public officials acting contrary to the accepted values, Religious institutions should strengthen guidance and counseling of the youth and young people for better morals and ethics, Cultural institutions need to develop model families that are celebrated to teach others.

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