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After much deliberation, we regret to inform you that we will not have the 6th edition of the National CSO Fair this year owing to a number of challenges faced by our sector.

Since 2011, we have successfully held five editions of the National Civil Society Fair. This was only made possible by your continued commitment and hard work towards making each of these Fairs as colourful as they were. Words cannot express our gratitude for your continued patronage and support.

The first half of 2016 has been a very busy and tense year. The current operating environment is one marred with several challenges emanating from highly contested elections and tumultuous electoral season.  We also have a new NGO Act 2016 in place and and its implications should also be a cause for us to pause in our usual way of work.

Further, many of us are plagued with funding challenges which would mean inability to participate meaningfully in CSO collectives. We recognize that fund disbursement to the sector is at an all-time low and many are struggling to continue operations much less stay afloat.

Relatedly, having successfully held 5 editions of the National CSO fair, and cognizant of the unique challenges to our sector, there’s need to take stock of the successes and the form and content of the next Fairs to become more effective and relevant to the everyday citizen.

We will reach out to all of you again to share your thoughts on what the next Fairs should be like.

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