In line with its conviction about the value of collective action and synergy especially within civil society, the UNNGOF has and continues to play host to and in some cases coordinate a number of collective civil society initiatives. Some of these initiatives are directly linked to the 3 Mainstream Programme Areas, while others are linked to the commitments the UNNGOF makes in its Strategic Plan.

In the past, we hosted the EU Civil Society Capacity Building Programme before the creation of it Programme Management Unit (PMU) that later became independent and acquired their own premises. At present, we play host to the National Districts Network Support Programme (NDNSP), UWEZO and coordinate the Global Coalition Against Poverty (GCAP – Uganda Chapter), the Uganda Governance Monitoring Programme (UGMP) and the Civil Society Aid Platform, all of which are NGO collective platforms.

  • SPAN
  • Uwezo Uganda
  • UGMP
  • CSO Aid Platform
  • GCAP
  • Uganda at Fifty
  • Uganda National CSO Fair