Membership Requirements

Requirements for UNNGOF Membership

  1. You should be registered with the NGO Board and have a certificate – a photo copy should be presented
  2. Well established with office premises, and a visible physical address
  3. You should have an approved constitution/ articles of association endorsed by the head of the organization and bear a stamp.
  4. You should present your most recent Annual Report or Strategic Plan in the case of new NGOs
  5. Provide copies of your publications if any, including brochures , posters etc
  6. Fill a membership form and return to Uganda National NGO Forum with all the above documents attached.

An application fee of 25,000/= UGX  is paid once, on submission of the above requirements.

Annual membership subscription fees are;

  • 75,000/= for District Based NGOs- NGOs working in only one district
  • 150,000/= for National NGOs- NGOs working in more than one district
  • 450,000/= for Membership or network NGOs – NGOs with other affiliated members including District Networks or NGO Forum.
  • 750,000/- for International NGOs- NGOs originating outside Uganda

On receipt and review of the application form and other documents, a  visit to your offices by a staff or representative of Uganda National NGO Forum will be made and on official acceptance, your organization will be given a membership certificate and added to our members database and mailing lists.