About SPAN Programme

For some time now there have been efforts to strengthen civil society at the sub national level. From 2006, the National District Networks Support Programme (NDNSP) supported 25 District Networks (DNs) to harness strategic collaboration linkages and learning. 2011 marked the NDNSP formal closure and the birth of a new programme, Support Programme for Advocacy Networks (SPAN) which supports 35 District Networks. SPAN aims at building a sub national citizen-led advocacy ecosystem for greater transparency, accountability and quality service delivery in Uganda. It will build on the achievements registered under NDNSP. As such, support has been maintained for the 25 District Networks (DNs) that participated under the previous programme.

It has 4 interlinked components namely:

  1. District level CSO Leadership Capacity Enhancement
  2. Developing Local Advocacy Hubs
  3. Learning, Networking and Accountability for Results
  4. Developing Evidence Networks to produce Advocacy Content

The activities under these components will be delivered at 3 levels:

  1. District
  2. Regional
  3. National.

As we transit into SPAN, we have documented what was achieved during the 5 years of NDNSP support to lay a good foundation. This publication profiles information concerning the District Networks supported under the 2 programmes.

I take this opportunity to thank the participating DNs for making all of us proud. We are also grateful to all other partners who made the programme a success.