Authored by Jane Kiyai | On: Mon, 11/27/2023 - 17:42
Lango Civil Society Network (LACSON)

Uganda grapples with significant challenges in delivering quality and accessible basic education
to children and adolescents, with the Lango region emerging as a focal point for such obstacles.
In this particular area, children have to trek over 6 kilometers to access a school; contributing to
elevated school drop-out rates, particularly among girls, and an alarming rise in teenage

Addressing the pressing need to combat these issues, Lango Civil Society Network (LACSON)
as a member of Community of Practice under Education in the Philanthropy for Development
Project, has taken proactive steps to instigate positive change in the local education landscape.
Recognizing the potential repercussions of a youth idle due to these challenges, LACSON
engaged the community leaders through extensive radio talk shows and community
sensitization meetings to harness community efforts and effect meaningful change.

As a result, the community members rallied together, initiating local giving campaigns that have
yielded noteworthy accomplishments including the construction of class room blocks, teachers’
houses for accommodation, pit latrines, Dormitories, repair of school boreholes, among other
critical infrastructure improvements.

The forms of giving encompass financial contributions (in cash), tangible resources (land,
Bricks, sand, timber) and time such as teachers volunteering to teach the children and the youth
actively participating in community activities.

The success of these efforts is underpinned by active community participation, a heightened
sense of responsibility, and a genuine ownership of the projects. The community has
demonstrated unwavering determination to be integral to the development initiatives,
establishing robust leadership structures that prioritize accountability, transparency, and
feedback mechanisms. More philanthropy enablers are rising within the communities thus, a
motivating factor for community-led development to thrive and enhance education in Lango

James Acar, the P4D focal person and community facilitator, underscores the significance of
philanthropy, stating, “Philanthropy is the most viable approach to sustain livelihood in our
communities; we thank UNNGOF for supporting us to bring the communities together to lead
their own development; sustainability is very important.”

Dickens Ogwal, the Executive Director of LACSON, emphasizes the role of community giving in
the face of changing donor trends. He urges all communities in Lango to unite in support of one
another and the broader community development agenda, stating, “With the changing trends
from donors, community giving is very important; the corporate society of Lango is doing quite in
local giving; we call upon all the communities of Lango to support one another and the
community development as well.”