Rebuilding Trust for Inclusive Governance: UNNGOF Joins the Launch of the SDG 16 Report

Published By UNNGOF |  July 8, 2024

On the sidelines of the High-Level Political Forum, Uganda National NGO Forum  joined Forus and other actors for the launch of the SDG 16 report, “Rebuilding Trust For Inclusive Governance: Unlocking SDG 16 for Peaceful Societies.” The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to create a world where everyone can thrive in an environment of freedom, dignity, and equal opportunity. Goal 16 – Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions – is crucial for achieving these aspirations. Without peace, justice, and effective governance, progress in eradicating poverty, providing quality education, and combating climate change remains unattainable.

During the launch of the SDG 16 report, our SCENE Deputy Chief of Party, Chris Nkwatsibwe shared and discussed our SCENE Topowa Forum Model which has been identified as a best practice for inclusive dialogue, by enhancing civic mentorship & promoting accountable governance in Uganda.

In his remarks, he asserted that – “Strong, accountable and inclusive institutions are the bedrock of any democratic society. Where individuals may falter or become selfish, robust institutions protect the wishes of the majority against such selfish interests of a few. SDG 16 therefore reminds us that progress can only happen if we build institutions that are strong and ensure inclusive participation of all citizens. This can only happen if we invest in effective and accountable institutions at all levels. As we have seen from examples around the world, a nation with strong, impersonal, and independent institutions can withstand the worst instincts.”

Despite numerous challenges such as rising conflicts and corruption, civil society organizations (CSOs) have emerged as a ray of light, promoting transparency, advocating for justice, and ensuring inclusivity. This report from Forus members worldwide provides detailed recommendations for accelerating the realization of SDG 16.

Policymakers, government officials, CSOs, international development agencies, and human rights advocates will find a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, highlighting complex challenges and providing valuable recommendations for progress.

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