Authored by Theresa Tumwesigye | On: Thu, 03/23/2023 - 12:04
The Ten Challenges of International Development

As part of our work/partnerships around #ShiftThePower, UNNGOF E.D Moses Isooba presented a paper on the Challenges of International Development to partners in Malawi at a #ShiftThePower event on galvanising Malawian civil society organisations around shifting the power. The conversation organised by Tilitonse Foundation, was held on March 22nd in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Akin to the ten commandments and the government's ten point programme for fundamental change, the presentation centred around ten key challenges as summarised;

  1. Like tourism, International Development is heavily Eurocentric and advances white saviorism which undermines the agency of Africans.
  2. International development undermined the relationship between African states and the citizens by delivering services which are the responsibility of the state.
  3. The unchecked power and authority of funders of international development to decide  what priorities receive their funding usually leaves out issues of priority to the 'developing world'.
  4. International Development is an out-of-date architecture that remains largely unreformed.
  5. International Non-Governmental Organisations remain key drivers of international development, therefore those that are resistant to change get in the way when crises occur.
  6. The lack of a detailed narrative about how to #ShiftThePower and an action plan to implement it is a cardinal challenge of international development.
  7. International Development does not centre dignity and is thus incapable of nurturing people power.
  8. It is rooted in racism, colonialism & arrogance, it seeks to ‘do development’ believing it knows best. It fails to root in equity, justice and power.
  9. It places a higher premium on the ivory tower knowledge while discounting local knowledge and expertise.
  10. International development maintains the status quo and is conditioned to define success in $€£ growth which demands control of resources and assets.

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