Community philanthropy underscores the need for all communities to have their own assets (money, skills, knowledge, networks and much more). When these are pooled together, they build community power and voice.

Under this activity area, we work to unlock the collective power of local communities to express their opinion through community philanthropy. We work through local Communities of Practice (CoPs) formed from the Regional Advocacy Networks that form our sub-national infrastructure. These formations will be spaces for mutual learning and sharing, testing new approaches and ways of working.

We believe in community philanthropy and indeed citizen led development as a central pillar of broader efforts to shift power and resources closer to the ground, to strengthen local ownership of development processes and to amplify the ability of citizens and communities to be heard and to claim rights and entitlements.

Engagements include:

  • RAN Programme
  • Linking and Learning
  • Campaigns
  • Innovations
  • National and International Engagement
  • Community Engagement