Call for Proposals- Terms of Reference for the Study on NGO Resilience Under Direct Government Attacks


The infractions against civil society, despite the presence of a regulatory framework and laws that lay out avenues for structured engagement like in Uganda, have severely affected civil society organising, operations and engagement on critical issues in the country. In South Sudan, the operating environment political unrest has led to the closure of most CSOs with some going into hiding for fear of political persecution. The poaching of top CSO leaders and technocrats by the Government in Kenya remains a major issue of concern. In Tanzanian CSOs face constant threats of deregistration while in Rwanda the law grants leeway for local government to co-opt and control the activities and budgets of CSOs within their area of operation.

In spite of this, many NGOs continue to operate and deliver their mandates with some building robust institutional resilience, adopting strategies that are unique and effective. However, these strategies and resilience models are not well documented for mutual learning. It is against this background, that seek applications from competent individuals to conduct a study on NGO resilience under direct government attacks in selected 3 partner states of the East African Region.

Objective of the Study

The overall objective of this study is to enable us to better understand the preparedness, response strategies, and resilience of NGOs to shrinking civic space in 3 select partner states of the EAC.

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