27 Sep 2023


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5 Sep 2023

According to the United Nations Report (2015), Uganda has the second youngest population in the world.

5 Sep 2023

As part of information dissemination, we are thrilled to share with you the 1st edition of UCOBAC's bi-annual Newsletter dubbed "The MouthPiece

25 Aug 2023

According to the 2016 Uganda Demographic Survey, the youth in Uganda form the highest population, with about 78% being under the age of 30 years. It is therefore important to

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25 Aug 2023

Civil Society Organizations are born out of passion and the desire to respond to a given community challenge. These organizations operate under a legal framework that is set both

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21 Aug 2023

From 13th – 18th August 2023, UNNGOF participated in the Giving for Change (GfC) annual reflection and learning meeting held in Kisumu City, Kenya.

5 Jul 2023

“We are not shifting power, what we need to shift is the spotlight on power.

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4 Jul 2023

One of the core mandates of UNNGOF is to strengthen the capacity of its members and partners for them to ably implement their core mandate.