2 Aug 2022

Mindset simply means an established set of attitudes held by someone.

28 Jul 2022

UNNGOF & ACFIM met with the Electoral Commission to discuss strategies to foster collaboration between E.C and the CSO sector.

22 Jul 2022

As one of the key promoters of QuAM, UNNGOF participated in a QuAM workshop organized to establish and strengthen the capacity of QuAM structures in Ankole region.

7 Jul 2022

This is K on the afternoon of the 27th of June 2022.  She is 16 years old, loves history and dreams of one day becoming a lawyer. In her arms she is holding her daughter Hamira,…

1 Jul 2022

“Philanthropy has the potential to spur community transformation if put to proper use.” - Dr. Jacklyn Makaaru Arinaitwe.

27 Jun 2022

“Philanthropy” is usually associated with funds flowing from the Global North to the South to drive development.

27 Jun 2022

Between the 16th and 17th June 2022, the SDG Secretariat, under the Office of the Prime Minister, held the inaugural Uganda Annual Sustain

21 Jun 2022

Youths in Uganda have been tasked to participate in the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs).