Membership Overview

UNNGOF is a membership organisation for NGOs in their diversity; both local and international, working in Uganda. UNNGOF’s members enjoy a number of benefits including sharing and networking and collectively taking action to influence governance and development processes that are relevant to them and their stakeholders

Membership Benefits

  • Collective Voice to engage and influence Government and other stakeholders on issues of concern to NGOs.
  • Sharing, Learning and Networking through the platform character of UNNGOF that fosters reflection space and open debate on important issues for engagement.
  • Representation of members’ views and interests in lobbying for relevant change at national fora.
  • Participation and involvement in strategy development and decision-making to shape the direction of the organization in relation to influencing decisions on UNNGOF policies, priorities, and actions including attending the General Meeting
  • Opportunity to stand for election to UNNGOF Governance Organs such as the Board. Members can provide comments and offer recommendations to the Governance Organs on matters relevant to the activities of UNNGOF
  • Solidarity and support from other members and NGOs to stand with its members who may be illegally threatened in the course of their work and promotion of democracy and citizen’s interests.
  • Technical specialized advice and support on different aspects to enable your organization grow and improve its work.


An organization wishing to become a member submits a duly filled-out Membership application form together with the following attachments

  • A copy of the Certification of Registration/Permit from the NGO Bureau
  • A copy of the Organization’s Constitution
  • A copy of the most recent Annual Report
  • UGX 50,000 /= for membership application fee

Membership Fees

These fees are paid annually

  • 75,000/= for District-Based NGOs- NGOs working in only one district
  • 150,000/= for National NGOs- NGOs working in more than one district
  • 450,000/= for Membership or Network NGOs – NGOs with other affiliated members including District Networks or NGO Forum.
  • 750,000/- for International NGOs- NGOs originating outside Uganda