Dr. Moses Isooba

Executive director

Dr. Moses Isooba is the Executive Director of the Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) – a sharing and reflection platform of National and INGOs in Uganda. Prior to joining UNNGOF, Dr Isooba was a Governance Advisor with ActionAid Denmark. He also worked as the Programme Coordinator of the Civil and Political Rights Component of DANIDA’s Human Rights and Good Governance Programme in Uganda.

He is currently a member of the Re-Imagining INGOs (RINGO) Social Lab – a group of Practitioners reimagining INGOs through disruption, innovation and systematic thinking. Under RINGO, Dr Isooba is the idea carrier of the Language and Lexicon prototype.

Statements and Updates:

EN – AI to decolonise language and capacity development

Today we talk with Dr. Moses Isooba Executive Director of Uganda National NGO Forum on how to boost the resources and capacities of civil society organizations while listening to the needs of local communities and how digital tools & AI can be used to decolonise language in the development sector. Full Audio Here

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Decolonizing Aid: The Use of Language and Lexicon

What has been the influence of Christianity on the psychological development in the Global South and how does this legacy translate? Stockphrase: Bible and the gun. The colonial powers used the gun and the Missionaries waged psychological warfare. Did this steer towards a deeper psychological insubordination and how can we use language to reverse the […]

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Why is “locally led development” missing the mark?

INGOs’ current interest in power and equity is welcome and long overdue. Barely a day goes by without a webinar or new report on shifting power, decolonising aid or transforming development. Various INGOs have publicly committed to transformative change, and RINGO, Partos, the International Civil Society Centre and others are supporting these processes. This is […]

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Dream paper: Shift the Power

The Dream paper Shift the Power is a product of the Partos Innovation Hub. Partos is the membership body for Dutch-based organisations working in development cooperation. The Partos Innovation Hub is a hybrid ecosystem where development professionals interact, create, inspire, undertake, work, learn and innovate together to become better able to navigate the future and […]

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Interview dr. Moses Isooba: Shift or share the power?

The next edition of the World Café is scheduled to take place on 20th January 2022. During the event, a number of practitioners and leaders in the NGO and the development arena will be discussing two main subjects; shifting power at work and the need for Northern Organizations to adapt policies and practices to support […]

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