The NGO Quality Assurance Certification Mechanism (QuAM)

The NGO Quality Assurance Certification Mechanism (QuAM) is a self regulation initiative developed by NGOs and for NGOs in Uganda; to promote the adherence by NGOs and NGO Networks to generally acceptable ethical standards and operational norms. Since its launch in 2006, Uganda National NGO Forum has remained at the forefront of the QuAM process, supporting buy in by NGOs themselves and other stakeholders but also engaging at all levels to fast track its implementation, working with the National QuAM Council and the QuAM Secretariat.

The organisation has continued to promote the wide use of the QuAM as a strategic undertaking – to ensure that NGOs and indeed Member Organisations and other NGOs appreciate the QuAM and seek its benefits by getting certified.

Uganda National NGO Forum was the first organisation to be vetted under the QuAM and the organisation formally received its Full QuAM Certificate from the National QuAM Council, upon satisfactorily meeting all the QuAM minimum standards. The organisation is in advanced stages in the pursuit for the QuAM Advanced Certificate.

UNNGOF has embarked on a deliberate process to ensure members’ readiness for certification. Through Members’ QuAM Readiness Fora, it is expected that over 100 members will be ready for certification each year. The Fora supports members to practically focus on the QuAM self assessment for their individual organisations and to identify any gaps that may impede their certification.

Download QuAM Documents here

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