Involve citizens to Achieve Vision 2040

Published By UNNGOF |  February 2, 2014

The Regional Training for the Research Methodology of the Vision 2040 survey kicked off in Eastern Region at Green Top Hotel Kumi with for two days. 48 Research Assistants from 24 districts together with 9 DN coordinators attended.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Alice Muwanguzi RDC Kumi District appreciated the role of CSOs in complimenting government’s work. She noted that Uganda Vision 2040 was developed through a consultative process and therefore if UNNGOF got views from citizens on how to achieve it, this would be helpful. She called upon CSOs to continue popularizing the Vision 2040 since they have platforms of meeting many people. She further explained that to achieve Vision 2040, citizens must work hard and have love for their country. She challenged CSOs to mobilize citizens to work hard so as to achieve that Vision.

Speaking on behalf of UNNGOF, Ms. Sophie Kange the Coordinator Capacity Development noted that the training was aimed at Introducing and popularizing the Uganda Vision 2040, Introducing the Vision 2040 survey and its process as well as training identified researchers on the survey process.

Ms. Esther Nakayima UNNGOF Coordinator Policy Advocacy and Engagement, presented the Uganda Vision 2040 to the participants; with key highlights on how Uganda can attain the vision for instance it has to strengthen the fundamentals like (infrastructure, science & technology, land use & Management, Urbanization, Human Resource, as well as Peace, security and Defence); while exploiting the opportunities available like (oil and gas, tourism, ICT Business, geographical location, water sources, industrialization as well as an abundant labor force).

Research Expert Mr. Emmanuel Mugole noted that the vision 2040 survey will establish how communities are; in terms of development (their status), what they know about Vision 2040 (awareness), what they think about it (perceptions) and how they think it can be achieved (projections). He went ahead to give participants the design of the survey, noting that it would be carried out in 60 districts with sampling in 20 village samples for each district, and 20 households for each village using a scientific method.

In the general discussion, participants noted that a number of them had not heard about Vision 2040 but promised to popularize it.

While giving his closing remarks, Mr. Richard Ssewakiryanga the Executive Director of UNNGOF noted that the Vision 2040 was developed by Uganda government which later requested UNNGOF to popularize it and therefore the survey will be a great mechanism of popularizing it. He challenged people to stop lamentations and accusations but start working for the development of their country because there isn’t another Uganda.

The workshop was officially closed by the Kumi District LC V, Mr. Ismail Orot who noted that to achieve Vision 2040 people must work hard for development. He noted that where as it may be difficult to achieve it, that vision helps in strategizing and directing how government could prioritize. He challenged CSOs to work with local governments to do integrated work plans so as to work towards achieving Vision 2040.

Research Assistants and the District Network coordinators promised to carry out the survey as a way of contributing to the development of their country.