New Board Commit To Unite BUCINET

Published By UNNGOF |  October 12, 2015

As part of its activities towards membership servicing, Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF), organized the first induction workshop for the newly elected Bugisu Civil Society Network (BUCINET) Board on Monday 14th September 2015, at Kayira Hotel in Mbale Municipality.

Attended by 10 BUCINET Board members and facilitated by the Head of Programmes, UNNGOF, Mr. Alfred Nuamanya, this induction focused on enabling Board members to understand key parameters of an effective Board and how to function effectively for the good of their organization.

During the induction BUCINET Board members were urged to work tirelessly to move their organization into a brighter future and were challenged to unite and resolve past oversights that have plagued the progress of BUCINET over time. Mr. Nuamanya underscored the need for a cordial relationship between the Board and the secretariat; trust between the two entities cannot be over emphasized. He urged the Board to allow staff to steer the network to deliver their mandate and service its members whose diverse backgrounds and aspirations were fundamental to the relevance of the network. Members were further urged to take keen interest in the operations of the network and how the secretariat was working through monitoring and regular feedback on progress.

Board members resolved to provide strategic direction for BUCINET and propel the network into a brighter future, through formulation of policies to manage programmes and ensure oversight. They also committed to unity; respect for the oath of secrecy; enhancing cooperation; sharing of information and effective participation in all governance mandates as key pillars for a “re-born” BUCINET.