6th QuAM Assembly Held

Published By UNNGOF |  November 16, 2016

With government becoming strict on NGOs using the recently enacted NGO Act 2016, CSOs can only overcome this by embracing self-regulation which will help them put in place and maintain systems that will protect the credibility of the CSO sector.


The NGO Quality Assurance Mechanism is a self regulation mechanism developed and administered by and for the NGOs in Uganda to a generally accepted standards and ethical conduct. Launched in 2006, QuAM sets principles and standards of behavior for responsible practice to protect the credibility and integrity of certified NGOs and their networks in Uganda. The development of the initiative was spearheaded by DENIVA and UNNGOF and are currently the lead promoters of QuAM in Uganda and continue to promote the QuAM initiative among their members and the entire CSO sector.

Over the years, a deliberate attempt has been made by the two promoters to build a strong and functional QuAM that would independently advance the initiative to all NGOs by supporting a process that puts in place governance structure for transparency and accountability.

The 6th QUAM assembly was held on 8th November 2016 at Hotel Africana attracting over 60 participants from CSOs, National CSO Networks and District Networks. The assembly offered CSO actors an opportunity to reflect on the journey of QuAM and also learn from other global self regulation mechanisms. During the pre-assembly session, members were taken through the draft global standards for CSO accountability that include; respect and advancing of human rights, respect and advance women rights, investing in partnerships, engaging in evidence based advocacy, proper human resource management, proper financial management, efficient use of natural resources as well as strengthening learning.


Speaking at the Assembly, Hon. Idah Mehangye the UNNGOF Chairperson appreciated the QuAM promoters for popularizing the initiative and re-affirmed UNNGOFs commitment to ensuring its success. She challenged the newly elected QuAM council to work closely with promoters both at the National and sub national levels to popularize it. Dr. Bagambe Stephen the DENIVA Vice Chairperson appreciated DENIVA for hosting the QuAM secretariat since 2006 and appreciated the collaboration between UNNGOF and DENIVA that has enabled QuAM to be appreciated by CSOs and the government of Uganda.

As an outcome, a new QUAM council was elected, comprised of 7 members drawn from UNNGOF, DENIVA, National Networks and District Networks as well as two eminent persons. Aware of the challenges facing QuAM, the Assembly tasked the Boards of DENIVA, UNNGOF and newly elected QuAM council to meet for a strategic reflection on QuAM and how to make it work for NGOs in Uganda.

Story By Robert Ninyesiga