2021 Change the Game Academy Cohorts Embrace Local Fundraising

Published By UNNGOF |  September 4, 2021

Amidst the COVID-19 situation, UNNGOF in partnership with Change the Game Academy successfully organized the CTGA 2021 cohort Local Fundraising training from 30th August to 3rd September.

The training was a hybrid training with both physical and online participants. Participants were from Uganda, Rwanda and Somalia from eleven diverse organisations.  The training was all-inclusive because for the very first we were able to cater for special needs as we had a participant with a hearing impairment. We availed a sign language interpreter to ensure her full participation in all activities.

Amos Tugumisirize of KADOLHA who was part of the 2020 cohort graced the training. He shared how he was able to locally fundraise to create change in the lives of the Batwa community. From the skills he had acquired from the training, he fundraised and mobilized resources from the community to set up health checks and provide foodstuffs for the Batwa community during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. This session gave insight to the 2021 cohort on how local fundraising would be a building block to solve some of the problems in their communities.

The training was a great blend of ideas and understanding local fundraising in different geographical contexts. Over the week, participants were taken through what local fundraising is all about, the aspect of corporate social responsibility, understanding that resources are not limited to funds but can be time or in kind. They were urged to tap into the resources around them to make changes in their communities.  

Participants were put to task on how to profile donors, make elevator pitches and finally compile a Local Fundraising Plan; all skills which they could incorporate in their organizations to pursue change and create ownership of projects in their communities.

Very excited and ready to implement what they had learnt, participants were awarded certificates by the UNNGOF Executive Director, Dr Moses Isooba at the end of the training.

Surely this learning session was a platform to change mindsets, share experiences, network, gain knowledge, improve communication skills and self-brand for the participants.