UNNGOF Launches New & Ambitious 5-Year Strategy

Published By UNNGOF |  November 16, 2021

5th November 2021 was a historic day for us as we launched the UNNGOF Strategic Plan 2021 -2025, titled THE NGO BLUEPRINT.

The 2021 – 2025 UNGOF Strategic Plan was carefully crafted by building on past lessons. We also conducted a rapid end-term evaluation of our previous Strategic Plan to ascertain the progress, challenges and results achieved over the five years.

This Strategic Plan, therefore, uses the metaphor – #TheNGOBlueprint – as a rallying call and reminder of the true value and worth of NGOs in Uganda.  At UNNGOF we shall strive to always work towards achieving the ethos of #TheNGOBlueprint.

UNNGOF is at a point where we recognise through our lessons over the years, that the NGO Blueprint will have to be characterised by three things; a) organisational worth, b) determination to excel and c) commitment to the duty of service to citizens.

In the spirit of embracing technology considering the times of COVID, the launch was a hybrid event attended by all our key stakeholders. In attendance were various UNNGOF partners and sector players who witnessed the launch of our institutional ‘North Star’ as we continue in the purposeful direction of building a coherent and respected NGO sector in Uganda.

The launch, and indeed the whole 5-year Strategy focuses on UNNGOF’s commitment to building and maintaining strategic partnerships with the Government, MDAs, Development Partners, CSOs/NGOs, local governments in achieving the goal of keeping the ‘citizen at the centre’.

There were some testimonies from guests like Mr. Richard Ssewakiryanga, former UNNGOF ED and Ms Isabella Akiteng as well as former staff members on working with UNNGOF in the past.

Mr Ssewakiryanga highlighted the need for the sector to find new ways of working and thinking outside the box to navigate the current challenges facing Uganda’s civil society.

UNNGOF Executive Director, Dr. Moses Isooba thanked Mr. Ssewakiryanga for bequeathing to him a team with very fertile minds who are up to the task of operationalising and achieving the ambitious strategy with the goal of “A healthy, strong and well-coordinated NGO sector that builds resilient citizens and influences public institutions and policies that are responsive to citizens’ aspirations by 2025.”

“The process of developing The NGO Blueprint was consultative and gave us a sense of where we want to go,” Dr Moses Isooba.

 Ms. Margaret Sekaggya, Chairperson UNNGOF Board of Directors affirmed the Board’s commitment to work with the UNNGOF secretariat to make a lasting impact in executing the UNNGOF mandate.

Speaking at the launch, Hon. Charles Oleny Ojok. Deputy Executive Director National Planning Authority who was the Guest of Honour commended UNNGOF on the milestone. He pledged continued collaboration with the Forum to achieve the goals set out in the Strategic Plan as they are aligned with the National Development Plan III.

The ceremony was crowned with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Hon. Oleny Ojok to formally launch The NGO Blueprint. All guests in attendance received copies of the Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025.

Get yourself a copy of The NGO Blueprint: UNNGOF Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 here.