SDG Scorecard for Uganda (2015-2022) Launched!

Published By UNNGOF |  July 18, 2022

On 11th May 2022, UNNGOF partnered with Afrobarometer and the SDG Secretariat for the launch of the Afrobarometer SDGs Scorecard for Uganda (2015-2022)

Themed: “On the right track?”, this dialogue sought to provide an understanding of citizens’ views on progress toward the SDGs in Uganda.

The scorecard is a way of comparing, collecting and getting insights about what citizens think about the SDGs. To make the research more accessible, it was translated into a language that ordinary citizens can understand, relate with and give their opinions.

While Uganda is a model on SDGs, the scorecard shows that there is more work to be done to ensure that everyone reaches 2030 benefitting from the SDGs.

In his remarks, Dr. Moses Isooba noted that CSOs in Uganda have continuously played an implementation and watchdog function in the implementation of SDGs. CSOs continuously explore multiple ways of SDG acceleration in Uganda: no one should be left behind.

He commended the government, especially the Office of the Prime Minister for taking leadership and providing space for CSOs to participate in the realization of the SDGs, especially on the national SDG taskforce.

The scorecard presents an enormous opportunity in the realization of the SDGs.

“As CSOs, we appreciate Afrobarometer for the scorecard which seeks to ensure that citizens views are tracked over time. We firmly believe that these views will be instrumental in the fast tracking of the SDGs and Agenda 2030. Nothing should be more important than capturing the voices of the people.”

Throughout the years of SDG implementation, it is clear that the SDGs are part of the lived realities of Ugandans.

The launch was officiated by Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba, Focal Minister on SDGs in the Office of the Prime Minister. She reiterated the commitment of the Government of Uganda to the realisation of the SDGs and that the government’s efforts should be visible not only in data, but also in the communities

“When we talk of democracy and good governance, we usually think of politics. The basis of democracy and governance is in how you fight poverty. Making sure that people wake up happy and can access basic public services easily: safe water, medical care, food.”

Appreciating the Scorecard, she remarked that the government is ready to receive the information and take advantage of it to better the lives of all Ugandans. She concluded by calling for concerted efforts across all sections of the SDG fraternity. We can only achieve the Sustainable Development Goals if we all become monitors.