Kick Corruption out of Uganda (KICK-U) Launches Strategic Plan

Published By UNNGOF |  August 30, 2022

Kick Corruption out of Uganda (KICK-U) launched its 3rd Strategic Plan on 20th April 2022, at White Horse Inn, Kabale District.

The hybrid launch was attended physically and virtually by a cross-section of over 60 KICK-U stakeholders from the Government, civil society, the media, and development partners.

The 2022-2026 KICK-U strategic plan development process began in 2021, the final year of the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. The new strategic plan was developed in a participatory manner and in consultation with the secretariat, Board, and other boundary stakeholders. 

The purpose of the KICK-U Strategic Plan launch 

The launch was to inform stakeholders of KICK-U’s strategic focus for the period 2022-2026 and mobilise and lobby resources required to facilitate the implementation of the new strategic plan to fulfil the strategic objectives. The launch also enabled KICK-U stakeholder engagement and ownership and provided a platform for collaboration between state and non-state actors by identifying areas of partnership and cooperation.

The Overall goal: Improved transparency, accountability, service delivery, and respect for human rights in Kigezi Subregion.

Result Areas: i) Anti-corruption, Accountability & Transparency, ii) Human Rights, and iii) Building the capacity of KICK-U as an organization.

The Strategic Plan is hinged on three primary strategic outcomes;

  1.  Reduced corruption to improve service delivery in Kigezi
  2. Reduced incidents of human rights violations in Kigezi
  3. KICK-U is a vibrant and effective anti-corruption organization that manages its affairs sustainably.

This process of developing the Strategic Plan was supported by the GIZ Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme (CUSP) with support from European Union and the German Government. 

During the launch, anti-corruption activists called for assurance of government protection, as cases of whistleblowers’ harassment continue to increase in Kigezi and Uganda as a whole.

While discussing the unchecked corruption in the country, the KICK-U Executive Director, Mr. Kakuru Robert Byamugisha, narrated the hardships they face while executing their mandate as CSOs in the fight against corruption in Uganda. He revealed that the organisation had lost several community monitors who abandoned the fight against corruption out of fear of being harassed by the corruption agents.

The LCV Chairman, Mr. Ampeire Steven Kasyaba, attributed the increasing corruption to information leaks and challenged the Government to assure whistleblowers of their protection and compensation to their families if they lose their lives in the struggle to fight corruption.

The Deputy Head of the Inspectorate of Government in Kigezi region, Ms. Christabel Annah Atukunda, denied reports that information is leaked from their office, adding that the IG’s office has always partnered with other Government agencies to ensure the protection of whistleblowers.

The Guest of Honour, Hon Henry Musasizi Ariganyira, appreciated the role of CSOs like KICK-U in the fight for a corruption-free Uganda. He assured the audience that the Government is willing and will continue to support CSOs and other stakeholders in the fight against corruption since it stifles development. He urged the public to support government programmes like the Parish Development Model.

Other guests in attendance included Members of Parliament, Local Council Chairpersons and district councillors, Chief Administrative Officers, GIZ  representatives, representatives from academia, religious leaders, civil society organizations, community monitors, and the media.