CSOs Committed to Deepening Community Participation

Published By UNNGOF |  February 24, 2023

Following the training of CSO actors in Local Fund Raising (LFR) held in September 2022, trainees developed action plans as part of taking forward the knowledge acquired. As part of technical backstopping, UNNGOF/Change The Game Academy (CtGA) trainers undertook coaching sessions for eight organizations across the country in Buganda, Ankole, West Nile and Bugisu regions. This were held between 7th – 16th February 2023. The sessions help the trainers to assess the skills acquired by trainees and sharpen them to successfully implement their LFR plans.

The trainers were excited by how partners have positively responded in terms of taking LFR forward; the coaching revealed partners’ appreciation of the importance of close collaboration with communities and indeed are now working together more than before. It was clear that partners had understood the concept of LFR and are now familiar with the practice of funding and the different resources (beyond just money) around that can enable organizations to be relevant in their communities.

Simon Rutahigwa from Global Refugees Initiative (GRI) – Kiryandongo said, “After the training, we were energised to open our Ubuntu Primary School. We now have 180 pupils studying from P.1 – P.3. We pitched to Food for the Hungry Uganda and they committed to provide food for the whole term. He also shared that they had successfully pitched to the Priest of St. Luke Church of Uganda who committed to offer 4 acres of church land for GRI to establish demonstration farms for refugee host communities so as to boost their food security.

The coaching sessions enabled the trainees to appreciate the nexus between compliance to government/internal regulations and local fundraising. They also appreciated the value of communication/visibility of their work towards local fundraising. Previously, I thought social media was just for young people to be there wasting time, but now, I have learnt that it is a strong platform we can use to mobilise communities, a trainee at Child Restoration Outreach said.

From what trainers observed, with increased practice and commitment, Local Fund Raising will be possible. As Uganda National NGO Forum and Change the Game Academy, we are committed towards supporting our partners through information sharing, support towards compliance, supporting visibility of their work, and partnering on a number of initiatives among others.