Community Philanthropy Neutralizes Water Crisis

Published By UNNGOF |  December 4, 2023

In this insightful policy paper titled “The Meaning and Practice of Philanthropy in Uganda,” community philanthropy is described as individuals and local institutions giving goods, money, time, and skills to improve the well-being of others and enhance their communities.

Kyeikamba village, in Kyamuhunga Town Council – Bushenyi district faced a significant challenge in accessing clean water, a basic necessity. Waiting for the National Water and Sewerage Corporation to connect them seemed like a never-ending prayer. In Kyeikamba, just like in many other villages, the Ministry of Water and Environment highlighted that thousands lacked access to safe water.

However, instead of dwelling on the problem, citizens leveraged the existing community assets and talents, utilizing the natural gravity-water flow, and constructed a protected spring. This collective effort allowed over 50 households and a secondary school with more than 500 students to now access clean water.

“We were worried about the limited access to clean water. As a community, we rallied and formed a team to coordinate. Each family chipped in 3000 shillings, and with the help of students from Al Noor Secondary School, we gathered materials and built our protected spring,” shared Fausta Kebirungi, a resident of Kyeikamba village, Kyamuhunga Town Council – Bushenyi district

Recognizing the government’s budget constraints, communities like Kyeikamba are taking the initiative to address their challenges while awaiting a comprehensive government response. The Kyeikamba effort exemplifies community philanthropy as a fulfilling practice, showcasing how communities can organically address their needs, just like they tapped into the gravity-water system. It’s a testament to the power of community-driven solutions.