ACCU rallies Youths and CSOs to engage Government over Corruption

Published By UNNGOF |  May 9, 2024

On Thursday 9th May 2024, UNNGOF joined the Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) and its partners to launch a 2-year project, Strengthening Youth and Civil Society Engagement with Government in Uganda. The project that will be implemented in Kampala Metropolitan Area, West Nile and Busoga sub-regions, aims to reduce corruption by enhancing youth and civil society engagement with the government on transparency and accountability.

While giving opening remarks, Mr. Bazira Geoffrey Steven, the Head of Finance and Administration at ACCU noted that the project seeks to empower citizens to monitor public services, report corruption, access public information and demand accountability from their leaders. He noted that the project will respond to key issues affecting youths and CSOs in the course of tackling corruption i.e. weak capacity to monitor public services, limited access to information by youths, and the limited capacity of grassroots actors to spearhead and coordinate accountability engagement.

The role of citizens in the fight against corruption in Uganda was emphasized at this meeting. “Citizens are pivotal in the fight against corruption. Without their full support, tackling corruption will be impossible. Don’t fight, don’t abuse. Just get information and raise your voice using the government structures that have been put in place to fight corruption” said Mr. James Onying Penywii Director, Education, Research and Advocacy, Inspectorate of Government.

Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) was established in January 1999 with a mission to foster an accountable, corruption-free society by amplifying citizens’ voices in accountability and transparency. ACCU unites entities and individuals committed to publicizing, exposing, and advocating for combating corruption in Uganda. ACCU collaborates nationally with CSOs and locally with Regional Anti-Corruption Coalitions and grassroots organizations to ensure citizens’ voices shape the national agenda.

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