The Board is the penultimate governance organ of UNNGOF and is appointed by the General Assembly with a two thirds member representation and a third independent member representation.



Mr Feni Twaib

Mr. Feni Twaib

Member representing District NGO Networks

Ms Barbara Babweteera

Ms. Barbra Babweteera

Member representing National NGOs

Mr Paul Mulindwa

Mr. Paul Mulindwa

Board Treasurer & Member representing District NGO Networks

Image showing Ms. Margaret Sekaggya

Ms. Margaret Sekaggya

Board Chairperson & Member representing National NGOs

Moses Isooba

Dr. Moses Isooba

Board Secretary, Ex officio

Ms Emily Drani

Ms. Emily Drani

Independent Member

Dr. Akim Okuni

Dr. Akim Okuni

Independent Member

Mr. James Kidulu

Mr. James Kidulu

Member representing Faith-Based Organisations

Mr Ryan Duly

Mr. Ryan Duly

Board Vice-Chairperson & Member representing International NGOs

Ms. Margaret Nakato

Ms. Margaret Nakato

Member representing District NGOs

Dr. Deogratias Kaheeru Sekimpi

Dr. Deogratias Kaheeru Sekimpi

Member representing National NGO Networks