UNNGOF deliberately works with a solution focused approach that is informed by an analysis of the future that citizens want. UNNGOF aims to create solutions in two intervention areas, a) Civil Society Strengthening and b) Influencing Development Policy and practice. Two support functions of Results, Learning and Communication and Finance and Corporate Services complement these key intervention areas.


The Civil Society Strengthening component works to enhance capacities of Uganda’s civil society so that they can deliver their core mandate and influence development policies and practices. It works through two main components of capacity Development and Civic Space and Governance Monitoring.

Capacity Development

This component works towards building a strong network of civil society organisations at the sub national level, that can collectively engage in a coherent and respected manner. Focus is on ensuring that institutional strength is garnered in an ‘organic way’. Strong civil society organisations are the bedrock for movement building and at the sub-national level, they are ‘greenhouses of democracy’.

 Civic Space and Governance Monitoring

UNNGOF seeks to mobilise citizens to engage with development processes as part of their civic role in society. Additionally, work focuses on influencing internal and external (including global) operating environment issues of CSOs and ensuring positive environment for NGO operations and citizen engagement in governance processes.