Vijana Corps launches its 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.

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"To engender a culture that empowers and creates room for active participation of youth in order to achieve social justice and equitable development in Uganda."

Established in 2013, Vijana Corps is a Ugandan-based, youth-focused organization working to achieve the above mission and realize an enlightened, empowered, and productive youth.  

Uganda National NGO Forum's support for the 1 Million Signature Campaign

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On 27th July 2014, Civil Society, farmers and some Members of Parliament launched a campaign to collect 1 million signatures to petition the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda urging her and the entire Parliament to withdraw the proposal of taxes on agriculture inputs including pesticides and fertilizers among others.

The one million campaign was launched by the Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG), a coalition of CSOs that monitors and participates in budgeting and budget advocacy in Uganda.

FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS IS BUSINESS FOR EVERY UGANDAN: A snapshot of the Training of Trainers’ session

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The Free and Fair Elections campaign, which was initiated in February 2014 by a host of civil society organizations and political parties to mobilize Ugandans into a popular demand for a new system of managing elections, emanates from the National Citizens Manifesto process, the vision for Uganda, a peaceful and prosperous country with happy people.

UN President of the 69th General Assembly holds a National Consultation on Post 2015 Development Agenda

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“In the spirit of leaving no one behind the agenda should focus on eradicating poverty and hunger, through sustained growth and employment” Hon. Sam Kutesa, the incoming president of the General Assembly and Minister of Foreign Affairs