CSOs in Uganda have organized the second edition of the National CSO Fair

Published By UNNGOF |  June 24, 2013


Kampala – The 2012 National CSO Fair 2012, 31st – 1st June 2012, Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda

Civil Society Organizations in Uganda have organized the second edition of the National CSO Fair under the theme; ‘Act Together, Shape the Future: Civil Society in Uganda at 50 Years.’

The CSO Fair aims to provide a platform for all key actors in development to engage in multiple events organized and conducted simultaneously including; thematic based reflection sessions, panel debates, round table discussions and an interactive exhibition showcasing CSO work across the country. It is hoped that the fair will attract over 10,000 participants from both the public and private sector.

The major outcome of the CSO Fair is a deeper understanding and appreciation of the contribution of CSOs to national development and greater linkages and collaboration mechanisms created amongst development actors. Of specific interest this year will be an integration of a commemoration of Uganda’s 50 years Independence Jubilee.

Background to the Fair

Civil Society Organizations have been an integral part of Uganda’s development process for the past few decades. Despite their contribution to the Uganda’s transformation in a myriad of areas, the sector is bedeviled by limited understanding of its work and impact by other key stakeholders and the general public.

A number of attempts to document the contribution of CSOs to development have been made.  In 1999 it was estimated that civil society accounted for about $89 million in expenditures, an amount equivalent to1.4% of GDP that year. It found out that the sector employs over 230,000 workers representing 2.3% of the country’s economically active population and 10.9% of its non-agricultural employment. However, all these attempts have not conclusively addressed the real issue of a credible estimation of the contribution of NGOs. In order to address this anomaly, the idea of holding a CSO Fair to bring together various actors to showcase the work of CSOs was mooted and birthed.

This year’s fair builds on the maiden CSO fair was held from the 6th -7th of June 2011, at Hotel Africana that was attended by over 500 NGOs and Civil Society Organizations from across the country and over 5000 participants.

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