Concerted Effort Needed To Address Nutrition

Published By UNNGOF |  November 4, 2013

8th October 2013

For immediate release

On 10th October 2013, the Uganda National NGO Forum and Food Rights Alliance with support from Southern Africa Trust are holding a High Level Breakfast Meeting between Members of Parliament and Civil Society Organizations at Hotel Africana, Kampala to discuss the role of parliament in addressing nutritional challenges in Uganda and make a call for the passing of Food and Nutrition Bill. The meeting will also be graced by representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister, National Planning Authority, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture.

Nutrition is critical to Uganda’s development agenda as part of the requirements for progress on the hunger and health MDGs, yet malnutrition remains a challenge. Statistics show that nutrition has long been neglected, worsened by inadequate budget allocations to impact the national nutritional indicators. A recent study by the World Food Program and National Planning Authority found that costs associated with child under nutrition are the equivalent of 5.6% of GDP. While deaths associated with malnutrition were 47% for children and 25% for mothers.

Data from the Uganda Demographic Health Survey 2011 indicate that 33% of children under the age of five are stunted, 14% are too thin; whereas 5% are acutely thin. In addition, micro nutrient deficiency still prevails amongst mothers and their children; with anemia cases being reported in 49% of children and 23% of mothers of reproductive age.

The meeting is also in preparation for the International World Food Day where this year’s theme is “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition”. The breakfast meeting will provide a forum to discuss food security in Uganda with the following objectives:

  1. Develop an in-depth understanding of nutritional challenges in Uganda;
  2. Raise political interest in addressing nutritional challenges in Uganda;
  3. Identify the role of parliamentarians in addressing nutritional challenges in Uganda.

For more information please contact the Uganda National NGO Forum by email or call 256 414 510 272