CPDE elects new Co-Chairs

Published By UNNGOF |  April 14, 2014

The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness has elected new Co-Chairs at the 1st High Level Meeting on Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation.

The new members include Richard Ssewakiryanga, Justine Kilcullen, Tetet Lauron, Patricia Akakpo and Jorge Balbis.

The High Level Meeting welcomed the new Co-Chairs and wished them the best with the work ahead. The out-going co-chairs said “Nothing compares to what CPDE has done.”

The new team, on the other hand, promised commitment towards effective development.

On the other hand, CPDE drafted a response to the 4th draft of GPEDC Communiqué, where they welcomed the decision to reopen the discussion on the communiqué for consultation and appreciate the opportunity to provide further input….more details on the communiqué can be found on CPDE website