Kenya CSOs Call for an Inclusive and Participatory Post 2015 Development Process

Published By UNNGOF |  May 21, 2014

015 development agenda, Kenya Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) held a National CSO consultation from the 15th – 16th May 2015, at Silver Springs, Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. The meeting was premised on the theme “Enhancing Accountability, Ownership and Partnership for the Post 2015 Development Agenda” and brought together representatives of grassroot, national, regional and global civil society organisations (CSOs) and networks, together with high-level government technocrats.

The meeting was organised as a space for CSOs to collectively reflect on the Kenyan experience with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Major areas included identifying achievements and gaps as they develop key messages on the Post 2015 development agenda that will hopefully influence and become a globally agreed framework for development and realization of human rights.

The agenda for the meeting centred on three core areas in the post 2015 development agenda discussions: National ownership and domestication of the agenda; Data and accountability needs and; Partnerships for the Post 2015 agenda. Critical reflection points were: What do we need a global agenda for; how can issues of inequality be addressed and ensure no one is left behind; what new mechanisms for financing can be adopted; and how to localize the debates at national levels.

The key emerging issues from the meeting were; the need to foster inclusive and active participation of all stakeholders through innovative means and creating policy spaces for critical reflection; continue with a process to contribute to and influence the development of Kenya’s post 2015 development agenda priorities and proposals; strengthen mechanisms to monitor implementation of the post 2015 development agenda, promote transparency, accountability as well as establish potential partnerships in this process.

The consultations were organized by Civil Society Organization reference Group comprised of WWF Kenya, ACORD Kenya, Action Aid Kenya, IPPF, Global Call for Action Against Poverty, African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), Help Age Kenya, Organization of Africa Youth, Grass root Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood (GROOTS) Kenya, IBON International, Media Focus on Africa, Women Empowerment Link (WEL), Kenya Young Greens, MMAAK, EDAN and the UN Millennium Campaign.