Action2015: Tackling Poverty, inequality and Climate Change: The Uganda Launch

Published By UNNGOF |  February 11, 2015

On January 15th 2015, citizens across the globe gathered to launch Action 2015 as a marker to world leaders to deliver ambitious agreements to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change. In Uganda, the launch was organised by Civil Society organisations under the leadership of the Uganda National NGO Forum-an independent platform for NGOs in Uganda. With calm heavens, the launch was sparked off by a public march sandwiched with a melodious band and young skaters-15 years of age and below all clad in orange t-shirts with messages such as “Leave No one Behind“, “I am Uganda, I am Africa, I am #Action 2015″, ” I am for Sustainable Development” among others

The public march attracted enormous gatherings marching from Buganda road,to Bombo road, joining Kampala road and back to Buganda road with various young people reaching out to the masses with information about #Action2015, with skaters performing their giggs throwing the crowd into light moods-all in the embrace of #Action2015. Kampala was filled with #Action2015 air and messages on the need for participation of Ugandans to ending poverty, climate change and inequality.

The clouds came to standstill when the long awaited moment-official launch of #Action2015 kicked off. With entertainment from creative 15 year olds, wonderful band, speeches on behalf of Civil society, Parliamentary Committee on Post MDGS, every citizen was swayed by the #action2015 spirit. The Parliament committee on MDGS applauded Civil Society for taking lead in launching #Action 2015 at such a high note and as such pledge their support to the subsequent activities.

Jolly Nandudu accompanied by her 15 year old companions took the stage to read their petition conveying their desires and expectations for change in the year of action calling upon the leaders to take into account their desires in all decision and policy making processes. The launch was climaxed by releasing balloons in the air as a sign of charging action and launching ambassadors of change in every aspect of life relating to inequality, poverty and climate change.

To further translate this Global action into a citizen owned action, Prior and Subsequent events took place in the lowest levels of the society as the team from the Uganda National NGO Forum hit the roads to localise the SDGS in Mbarara, Mbale and Liira. This was done as part of the process of Citizen ownership of the process. The localization events went on successfully with many citizens now abreast with what MGDS-SGDS transition means and how they can participate in ending POVERTY, INEQUALITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE.

By Michael Aboneka Jr.
Support officer, Policy and Advocacy and also Associate Partner at Tegulle, Opoka & Co. Advocates

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