50% increase in Membership Subscription towards the UNNGOF House

Published By UNNGOF |  April 2, 2015

The Uganda National NGO Forum held its 13th Annual General Meeting on the 19th March 2015 at Pope Paul VI Memorial Hotel in Kampala. The AGM was attended by over 200 members, Guests, Observers, Development Partners and Private sector.

During the Pre-AGM event, various presentations were made on CSO Governance and Accountability by Ms. Dorothy Kasaka who emphasized that CSOs should embrace the ABC standards to Achieve targeted goals, Build the team and Care for individuals. With these standards, CSOs/NGOs can ably become accountable to others and themselves.

John De Coninck shared the advantages of Organizations being QuAMED- an NGO initiative towards self-regulation. Given the current donor trends, Mr De Coninck emphasized the need for NGOs to embrace QuAM since it can be made a funding requirement in the near future.

The 13th AGM also committed to an Action/2015 pledge and planted trees as a symbolic act towards ending global climate change.

Mr. Arthur Larok, the Vice Chairperson, chaired the meeting and thanked members for their continued support and tireless work towards shaping UNNGOF. While wistful about the high mortality rate of NGOs, Mr Larok encouraged members to strive at sustaining their organizations and embrace QUAM as self-regulatory mechanism so as to promote transparency.

Regarding the UNNGOF house project, the Chairperson informed members that UNNGOF staff had made deductions off their salary to a tune of UGX 8,800,000.  He further laid the proposal to increase Member Annual subscription fees by 50% in a bid to fundraise for the UNNGOF house which the Assembly adopted. Two members further made individual pledges amounting to UGX 300,000 and called upon other members to contribute to the building of the UNNGOF house.

The General Assembly also reviewed and adopted the minutes of the 12th AGM and the Treasurers report to which Members appreciated her work and the Finance team at UNNGOF for exhibiting such levels of accountability and transparency. Furthermore, Price and King were approved as the next auditors for the Citizens Manifesto partners, District networks and UNNGOF.

Finally, the Assembly elected Hon. Idah Mehangye as the new Board chairperson and Mr Basil Tushabe as the representative for National NGOs to the board. In addition, Ms. Christine Ntulo’s tenure as treasurer expired and as such, the Assembly tasked the Board to co-opt from within itself an interim Treasurer since no member expressed their interest at the time of the AGM.