Sustainable Networks and Collaborations Enhance CSO Capacity

Published By UNNGOF |  May 21, 2015

On 6th – 8th May 2015, the Uganda National NGO Forum and the EASUN center for Organizational Learning conducted a training on building sustainable NGO Networks and collaborations. The training held at Foyers de Charite- Namugongo Kyotto, Wakiso was attended by 15 participants from Network Organizations at both District and National level.

Ms. Sophie Kange, Coordinator Capacity Building UNNGOF, welcomed and encouraged the participants to “break structure” by freely sharing and learn from the training so as to transform their Organizations. Ms. Kange said that the training enabled them understand networking in a dynamic world and how it can affect sustainability of Organizations.

Hon. Idah Mehangye the UNNGOF Board Chairperson emphasized the need for network organizations to strengthen their mobilization for a strong membership that is key to supporting advocacy campaigns.

“Network means strengths so work hard to increase membership,” said Hon. Mehangye while officiating at the meeting. She further challenged Network Organizations to embrace QuAM as one way of building internal capacity because it helps organizations to appraise itself in all aspects of Leadership and Management.

During the 3 days training, participatory  picture building of current networking experiences;  managing organizational levels of complexity for conscious identity management;  networking as a phase in organizational development- relevant values and structures; leadership skills for managing  shared purpose; collaboration and organizational identity; leveraging diverse capacities to manage common purpose; creating structures and leadership practices that enhance collaboration and shared purpose were some of the areas handled.

Participants appreciated the training for equipping them with the relevant knowledge to transform their Network Organization.

“This training has enabled me discover that how I work can either grow or kill the organization,” said Silas Eilu, Coordinator Tororo Civil Society Network. Other participants acknowledged having learnt new values and principles that will enable them perform better including teamwork, consensus building, exemplary living, sharing and networking among others.

The training enabled individuals establish whether they are an “opportunity or a problem” to their organizations. Participants were challenged to “break” structures and change their mindset with new ways of redefining their identity in order to grow and sustain their networks.

EASUN will be conducting FOLD training in Uganda. The six days training will run for three months; The first starting in August , November- 2015 and March 2016. The training is intended to reach out to more Ugandan NGO practitioners at a cost effective fee.