26th Edition of the Black Monday Movement Newsletter

Published By UNNGOF |  May 27, 2015

We proud to share with you the 26th Edition of the Black Monday Movement Newsletter!

This edition takes a closer look at how youth are highly hoodwinked by politicians through voter bribery, manipulation and general electoral corruption in Uganda.

Youth make up for over 75% of Uganda’s population hence making the largest voting bloc that all politicians are interested in. Hon. Gerald Karuhanga provides meaningful insights on how he has been able to manage to manage political leadership amidst the high levels of electoral corruption. We also share with you other youth’s opinion on the effects of voter bribery and manipulation.

In this edition, we take time to share with you an expose of the National Youth Council and a deeper analysis as to whether it is pushing it is pushing the youth agenda. You will also find a vivid experience sharing from a former youth brigade sharing how youth are used and dumped during elections.

To download a copy of 26th Edition of the Black Monday Movement Newsletter, please click here