CSOs Call For Culture of Peace and Condemn the Disrespect for Rule of Law, Constitutionalism and Freedom of Assembly

Published By UNNGOF |  July 13, 2015

At a Press conference held at HURINET offices the morning of Monday 13th July 2015, representatives of civil society organizations came together to call for an impartial and independent Police Force and decry the growing trend towards militarism in handling public order affairs. Ms Margaret Sekagya of the Human Right Center highlighted the seemingly selective manner in which laws are applied and the only way citizens would be able to feel safe in the hands of the Police would be if they Police force was impartial and independent.

Similarly, Ms Irene Ovonji representing FIDA called upon Government and Police to stop doing things that undo the edicts of the Constitution. She called upon the Police to use their resources to protect citizens rather than antagonize them and focus the same zeal and efficiency they use to follow up crimes against citizens rather than to curtail their democratic rights.

Their message called for the building of a culture of Peace rather than the latent disrespect for the rule of law, constitutionalism and the freedom of assembly. The events that have kept unfolding since the beginning of 2015 that are cause for concern to many citizens and to civil society organizations in particular.  It was observed that there is a systematic erosion of a culture of peaceful coexistence, tolerance of political dissent in the country and sense of public security. These actions are unconstitutional and a disregard of the rule of law and create an environment that is not peaceful and results in unnecessary anxiety, anger, confusion and concern among citizens.

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