POWER BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE! 2016-2021 Citizens’ Manifesto Launch

Published By UNNGOF |  November 6, 2015

On Monday 9th November 2015, the National Citizens Manifesto will be launched in a televised event at Hotel Africana, Nile Hall and starting at 1:30 PM. The launch will be attended by over 2000 key government technocrats, Members of Parliament, Development Partners, Media Personnel, representatives from the Academia, Civil Society as well as citizen organizations.

Since 2009, civil society organizations in Uganda united in the quest for good governance and development have been engaged in a countrywide Citizens Manifesto process, under the auspices of UGMP. The Citizen Manifesto, a non-partisan citizen compact  aims at mobilizing people to generate a vision of our country, and establishes a mutual accountability agenda, as a basis for a ‘Social Contract’ between citizens and elected leaders.

In preparation for effective citizen participation in the 2016 elections and beyond, the 2016-2021 Citizens Manifesto has been developed. This Manifesto was generated through a robust countrywide consultative process and is informed by 29 different Manifestos. These include all the 14 regions of Uganda, and special interest groups such as the women, Teachers, Youth, people with disabilities, Private Sector, among others.