CSOs 2016 New Year’s Message – Uganda at Crossroads!

Published By UNNGOF |  January 11, 2016

A press conference was held today, 11th January 2016 at the Uganda National NGO Forum offices to convey the 2016 Civil Society New Year message. Representatives of the sector, under the leadership of UNNGOF described Uganda as being at cross roads, and called for a recreation of opportunity amidst threats to a peaceful and prosperous Uganda.

In the statement read by Mr Ssewakiryanga Richard, ED UNNGOF, CSOs identified selected developments that they consider positive which Ugandans should commend themselves for having achieved in 2015, namely; appointment of a substantive chief Justice Hon. Bart Katureebe, a new legislation for NGOs, consensus in the campaign for Free and Fair Elections, hosting of the Pope that came with spiritual enrichment and wise counsel, issuance of National identity cards, and the revision of the National Development Plan where the NDP II integrates some of the Globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals.

Other CSO leaders present included Mr. Crispy Kaheru of CCEDU, Mr. Martin Mwondha of CEON, Ms Margret Sekajja of HRC-Uganda, Ms. Monica Emiru of NAWOU, Ms. Eunice Musiime of Akina Mama Wa Afrika, Mr. Justus Rugambwa of Deniva and Mr. Muhammed Ndifuna of HURINET.

Citizens were informed that the electoral process is looked at as an opportunity for inclusiveness in the development process and therefore institutions such the police should work towards doing away with electoral violence. The rule of law has also been emphasized during the election process to ensure that all parties play their respective roles.

In regard to the election process, Mr. Muhammed Ndifuna encouraged citizens to do away with the activism for violence and questioned the absence and presence of government during elections. He urged citizens to deal with the perceived partisan role and the increasing regulation of security groups coming up. He also advocated for the need to address the impunity for the excesses committed by political factionaries and groups enjoying patronage, as well as encourage the public to observe peace so as to achieve what we want.

Mr. Mwondha was curious as to whether all parties are prepared for the forthcoming elections and encouraged tolerance among people of different opinions. He also emphasized the need for sanctions beyond the Electoral Commission as a way of ensuring peaceful elections come February. Candidates were called upon to have self regulation and self responsibility and not to look at elections as a do or die issue. Mr Mwondha encouraged citizens to not only listen to candidates’ manifestos but aim at creating opportunities to get close to them and address their issues.

For the full 2016 CSO New Year’s Message, please click here

Happy New Year!

Story By Rachael Damba