Published By UNNGOF |  January 25, 2016

In a bid to operationalise the African Union Executive Council Decision EX.CL/849(XXV) which established the African Union ECOSOCC National Chapters, the Uganda National NGO Forum, a member of the ECOSOCC- a civil society arm of the African Union spearheaded the launch of the Uganda chapter on the 21st January 2016 at the NGO Forum offices at Kampala.

Speaking to various Civil Society Organizations, Mr. Ssewakiryanga, Executive Director of the Uganda National NGO Forum, and also a member of the ECOSOCC, emphasized that this is an opportunity for civil society organisations in Uganda to influence policy and development, not only at the national level but at the regional level as well. The AU-ECOSOCC is meant to contribute towards the achievement of the AU-Agenda where members at both the National and Assembly levels work hand in hand with their governments to ensure that a people centered agenda is achieved.

The national Civil Society Organisations embraced the move to operationalise the national chapter and pledged to work tirelessly to ensure the national issues are well represented and the lives of the people of Uganda are improved. Further, they welcomed the AU-ECOSOCC 10 Clusters approach which seeks to handle issues in various clusters and the members can conveniently contribute according to their expertise.

The Uganda National Chapter pledged to work hard with all the relevant authorities in making sure that the AU – People-centred Agenda is achieved and also called upon the Uganda Lines Ministry- Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support their cause.