RDC Applauds CSOs for Complimenting Government

Published By UNNGOF |  January 25, 2016

Barely a day after receiving the Civil Society New Year Message – calling for a violent free Election, the Sebei Regional Manifesto, which envisions a peaceful and accessible region was launched on Tuesday 12th January at the Noah’s Ark Hotel, kapchorwa Municipality with perspicuous commitments from the Political leaders, religious leaders, aspiring candidates and civil society activists.

While launching the Manifesto, the Deputy RDC Kapchorwa District, Mr. Mutemo Robert, applauded Civil Society Organizations for continuously sensitizing the citizens and complimenting the work of government. “This is a very good initiative and it complements the work that the NRM government has been doing for all these years” Mr. Mutemo said shortly before the launch of Manifesto.

It is imperative to note that while the Sebei Region has potential for agriculture and tourism, it has not been well harnessed for the development of the region; the region still grapples with high levels of poverty and poor social service delivery and thus residents believe that by implementing their Manifesto, the region will leap to greater heights of development. “We do have a lot of untapped natural potential, yet still lag behind in terms of development: by adopting and implementing our Regional Manifesto, we will have taken a major step in transforming the region and improving livelihood” Mr. Moses Mwanga, former District Speaker and currently the Chair Person of the Kapchorwa Civil Society Forum.

At the launch, aspiring leaders were also given an opportunity to express their views and muster their political will and commitment towards the realization of the demands enshrined in the Manifesto. Mr. Tom Machinjaaja, the aspiring Member of Parliament for Kapchorwa Municipality seat on the FDC ticket, appreciated the Civil Society Organizations’ efforts in the region but blamed the NRM Government for the current state infrastructural breakdown.

This assertion was however refuted by Mr. Chepkrui Songo, an NRM cadre aspiring for the LCV seat in the same district, who called for recognition of the progress made by the region under the NRM leadership and promised to build on the foundation that has been laid by implementing the regional demands. “The NRM government has done some work in this region including the restoration of stability and reducing the threats from the Karimajong, we thus need to focus on implementing the ideas in the Manifesto for the betterment of the Sebei Region.”

Ms. Chemtai Evalyne, NRM flag bearer for the Bukwo Woman Member of Parliament seat, also pledged to incorporate the Sebei Manifesto demands in her campaign agenda since they represent the needs of the people of Sebei.

The Sebei Regional Manifesto is part of the nation-wide efforts by Civil Society Organizations under the auspices of the Uganda Governance Monitoring Platform to strengthen the social contract between the Citizens and their leaders under the Citizen Manifesto Amplified Initiative It was generated through consultations in three selected villages in each of the districts of Bukwo, Kwen and Kapchorwa that make up the Sebei Region.