Bugisu Implored to Harness the Region’s Inherent Agricultural Potential for Development

Published By UNNGOF |  February 19, 2016

The Bugisu region located in mid-eastern Uganda is time-honored for her resounding dominance in the production of coffee and other agricultural products, contributing almost half of what was on the market. This dominance since waned; the region’s economy is crippling and the levels of poverty wide spreading.

This situation may however not be lasting as citizens in the region have vowed to implement the demands in the Bugisu Regional Manifesto and the Citizens’ Manifesto, using them as a basis  to hold their leaders accountable and restore the region’s long lost glory. This precipitous commitment was impelled at the launch of the Bugisu Regional Manifesto held at Green Valley Hotel in Mbale District.

The launch which was presided over by the Deputy District Resident Commissioner, Ms. Pamela Watuwa, brought together participants from the different social, economic and political backgrounds in the region to share and discuss the issues in the Manifesto so as to generate consensus on definitive actions to advance the demands therein.

At the launch, the pertinence of the Citizen Manifesto in the Bugisu region was more pronounced as Citizens made compelling pronouncements to hold their leaders and aspiring candidates to account, basing on the demands enshrined in the 2016 – 2021 Bugisu Manifesto.

“These are our demands and we expect all of you, our leaders to respect and implement these very demands. We shall evaluate your manifestos and performance based on these demands”. Canon Andrew Nyote – a Citizens’ Manifesto Ambassador in the Bugisu region.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Watuwa wondered aloud what had befallen the once prosperous region and encouraged the participants to work collectively towards the transformation of the region and restoring her long lost position.

“Coffee used to be Bugisu’s pride, what happened? Bugisu is very much endowed but no longer contributes to what is on the market, we eat Matooke from Ankole, this should not be the case. We need to work together and harness this potential to develop our region,.

Ms Watuwa thanked the Uganda National NGO Forum and PACODEF for being a part of making progress and organizing the citizens to put the government into check. She encouraged the citizens to look at their differences as a basis on which to celebrate their diversity and strength but not weakness.

The Bugisu Regional Manifesto is one of the 30 Interest Group and Regional Manifestos that inform the National Citizens’ Manifesto. It underscores, among other demands, the need for improved agricultural productivity and quality of road network to facilitate the movement of goods and services. Residents believe that when these demands are realized, the region will retrace its long lost path of economic development and transformation.