Published By UNNGOF |  March 7, 2016

Civil Society Statement on the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

“Out of the huts of history’s shame – I rise … Up from a past that’s rooted in pain – I rise … Leaving behind nights of terror and fear – I rise … Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear – I rise! I rise, I rise, I rise”

Maya Angelou

At a press conference held at Uganda National NGO Forum’s offices today, Civil society leaders shared a collective statement by 45 representing CSOs on the the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

Speaking to the press, the civil society leaders present noted that despite the numerous problems identified with the February 2016 election process, there are a number of areas worth celebrating: the large numbers that turned up to vote; issue based papers prepared by various citizen groups, heavily involving citizens; the decent conduct of many candidates and the two unprecedented Presidential debates; and the local and international observers that monitored the process and the elections themselves.

Civil society in their statement also condemned the failures of the Electoral commission in handling the election exercise and of Parliament in regards to considering comprehensive electoral reforms; voter bribery by parties and individuals; the unprofessional conduct of the Police; and the shut down of social media as well as threats to mainstream media.

Civil society in their statement acknowledged the current difficult post-election period and in playing their part, and committed to cooperate with legitimate leaders; show solidarity with those who face injustices; focus on critical reforms; work for justice and peace; heal our society; and document events for the sake of posterity.

Civil society leaders present included, Ms Cissy kagaba of ACCU, Imam Kasozi, Peter Kamalingin of OXFAM, Arthur Larok of Action Aid and Crispy Kaheru of CCEDU among others.

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