UNNGOF Resource Center

Published By UNNGOF |  November 24, 2016

We welcome you to visit our bigger, more aptly designed and functional Resource Center that has been set up with the needs of our guests and members in mind. Our new space affords guests access to online information via internet and  to publications  archived to facilitate quick retrieval and sharing. The Resource Center may be used as a space for study and a source of reference and/or sharing.

We also invite those of you that may have publications you wish to disseminate widely to feel free to drop them off at our offices for sharing through the Resource Centre.

As a platform and an inclusive membership organization with a membership base of over 600 NGOs, both local and international operating within the country, one of our core functions is to disseminate information and or knowledge. Our vision is ; A coherent, respected and well informed NGO sector in Uganda, actively contributing to citizens’ well-being and safeguarding their rights. One of our core functions is to disseminate information and or knowledge.

Our Membership Charter, page 6, Section 3.4 bullet 6 states Information and updates as a key benefit for members. This section outlines the member’s entitlement to access the information unit/resource center for “…updated, current information, reports, briefings…”. 

We will continue to do our best to serve your information needs and welcome feedback from you on the same.

Feel free to visit our online directory for NGOs in the country at www.ugandangodirectory.org.

To upload your own organisation’s details to the website, please feel free to contact s.pacutho@ngoforum.or.ug.