Reflect on the Purpose of your CSO- Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda Tells CSO Leaders

Published By UNNGOF |  December 1, 2016

Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has challenged CSO leaders to regularly meditate on the purpose for which they formed non-governmental organizations if they are to assess whether they are on or off track. He noted that the sole purpose for formation of CSOs is about service delivery however, over time people have failed to achieve results in communities because they deviate from the original objectives of their Organization. He emphasized the need for CSOs to strengthen their role of being “eyes and ears” of the citizens and work towards fulfilling the needs of the people.

Fr. Gaetano, who is the Chairperson of KICK-Uganda, was speaking to CSO leaders that attended a QuAM awareness workshop for Kigezi region held on 22nd November 2016 at Kirigime Hotel in Kabale. The workshop that was organized by Uganda National NGO Forum in partnership with KICK-Uganda was attended by at least 50 CSO leaders from the districts of Kisoro, Kanungu, Rukungiri, Rubanda, Rukiga and Kabale.


The workshop provided an opportunity for CSO leaders in Kigezi region to understand QuAM initiative and the role of self regulation in creating a credible and accountable NGO sector in Uganda. Ms. Bonnie Kiconco the QuAM Coordinator took participants through the QuAM processes while Sophie Kange the UNNGOF Capacity Building Coordinator presented a paper on Self regulation and how it enhances accountability and legitimacy in the civil society sector.

As a key outcome of the workshop, there was a unanimous commitment by CSO leaders to embrace self regulation and prepare for QuAM assessment by the end of March 2017. To take this forward, CSO Networks in the 3 districts were given a mandate of closely monitoring this process- Kanungu NGO Forum for Kanungu, Kabale – KICK-Uganda, Kisoro – Kisoro NGO Forum and Rukungiri CSO Forum for Rukungiri District.

Speaking at the Meeting, Ms. Busingye Mbabazi, the Kabale DCDO, underscored the need for CSOs to embrace QuAM as a strategy to improve their systems in order to deliver on their core mandate. She noted “as you strive to challenge government on quality service delivery, first ensure that your Organizations are credible and accountable, may be government could also learn from you”. This can only be made possible if CSOs embrace self regulation.

In a region facing a moral crisis in the public and private sector, the QuAM aims to make a contribution to inculcating moral impulses that will percolate through the entire society. We therefore call upon all actors to respect the values and principles that QuAM espouses and support its implementation. We would encourage all NGOs to adopt/assimilate to the QuAM Agenda as an instrument composed of standards aimed at enhancing Accountability as well as credibility in the CSO sector.

The NGO Quality Assurance Mechanism is a self regulation mechanism developed and administered by and for the NGOs in Uganda to a generally accepted standards and ethical conduct. Launched in 2006, QuAM sets principles and standards of behavior for responsible practice to protect the credibility and integrity of certified NGOs and their networks in Uganda. The development of the initiative was spearheaded by DENIVA and UNNGOF and are currently the lead promoters of QuAM in Uganda and continue to promote the QuAM initiative among their members and the entire CSO sector.

Story By Robert Ninyesiga