UNNGOF Holds 15th AGM

Published By UNNGOF |  March 24, 2017

On 23rd March 2017, the Uganda National NGO Forum held its 15th Annual General Meeting at Royal Suites Bugolobi. The AGM was attended by 85% of the paid-up members including District NGOs, National NGOs, International NGOs, Faith Based Organizations as well CSO Networks both at National and Sub National level.

Hon. Idah Mehangye, the UNNGOF Chairperson thanked members for all the efforts they put forth in making a difference within their communities.  She however challenged them to always share what they do, so that UNNGOF can have it documented and shared further.  She appreciated the UNNGOF Secretariat and Board for organizing the AGM and ensuring that members attend. Hon Mehangye described 2017 as a special year; UNNGOF celebrates 20 years in service and informed members that they would be notified when, in the course of the year, the jubilee celebrations and the activities that would be held.

Hon Mehangye noted that 2016 was a busy and tense year in regards to the operating environment, with a number of challenges emanating from the highly contested elections and aftermath of the electoral season – development of the 2016 NGO Act, Significant decline in financing within the Civil Society sector, which also led to no funding for the district networks. However, a number of milestones were achieved: Developed a Support to Advocacy Network strategy with the DNs; concluded the 5 year Strategic Plan 2016 – 2021; and continued to promote the Quality Assurance Mechanism (QuAM) as an important self-regulation mechanism in Uganda. UNNGOF continued with its governance and civic space work, anti-corruption and accountability work, policy engagement work focusing on localizing SDGs as well as servicing membership. 

The General Assembly reviewed and adopted the minutes of the 14th AGM, the Treasurer’s report and the 2016 Audit report. Mr. Richard Nuwamanya, the treasurer, highlighted the 50% reduction in funding that affected most of the Organization’s activities. Key challenges that need to be addressed in the immediate and long run among others included the quick response to deduction in funding which impact has resulted into scaling down of activities and loss of staff to other organizations; and delays in disbursements that affected the implementation of planned activities.

The election of new members to the UNNGOF Board however was postponed to September 2017 to allow various members express interest and compete for the available positions. The available positions are representatives for District NGOs, National NGOs, National NGO Networks, International NGOs and Faith Based Organizations.