Warren Nyamugasira Memorial Lecture Series Kicks off

Published By UNNGOF |  March 25, 2017

On 23rd March 2017, CSOs, friends and family gathered to remember the fallen Warren Nyamugasira at the 1st Warren Nyamugasira Memorial Lecture at Royal Suites, Bugolobi.  The main objective of the lecture was to pay tribute to his lifetime as a remarkable individual and acknowledge the indelible imprint of his thought on civil society in Uganda.  Through this effort, UNNGOF hopes to establish a platform for the articulation of the nation’s most pertinent strategic concerns.

Hon. Sheila Kawamara, who was the first Chairperson of UNNGOF, delivered the key note, ‘Dancing with the Devil and betraying the people; NGOs in Uganda under siege’, sharing the history of NGOs, their regulation, their role and impediments towards achieving their Visions. She noted that at all these levels, Warren was instrumental in all processes and that his input was invaluable as it benefited the sector immensely.

Citing many examples, Hon. Kawamara emphasized that the CSOs should not replace government by going into direct service delivery as this is a preserve of the government. She argued that CSOs should be influencers of change that is desired by all individuals. Moving forward, she remembered Warren as a team player who always desired to see the organization (UNNGOF) grow to heigher heights.

Various persons including John De Conick, Stella Ayo, John Segujja and members of the Nyamugasira spoke about Warren as possesing of strong values and beliefs; of having the amazing ability to speak, effectively mobilize, and mentor; and be a team player.

Participants appreciated UNNGOF for ensuring that the memorial lectures kick off as it is important for the sector to continue reflecting on the contributions made by the fallen heroes in a bid to develop a more friendly sector that aims at empowering society.