CSOs meet to review the Draft NDP III

Published By UNNGOF |  May 12, 2020

A draft NDP III is already in place and the National Planning Authority is conducting a validation with all MDAs and will submit it to the Ministry of Finance by 28th February 2020.  It is against this background that Uganda National NGO Forum convened a civil Society consultation meeting to review the draft plan on 5th February 2020.

The meeting brought together over 20 NGOs including SEATINI, ISER, NUDIPU, CSBAG, UWONET, Transparency International, TEENS Uganda, UWEZO, UWASNET, CCG, Civil Society Coalition on Oil and Gas, Global Rights Alert, Caritas Uganda, SSA, Food Rights Alliance, Cross Cultural Foundation Uganda and NGO Forum. The meeting aimed at undertaking a comprehensive review of the draft plan to ensure it addresses the salient issues that move Uganda forward.

Participants had an opportunity to share general comments on the draft plan and some of these included; the theory of change does not show where we are as a country, where we are heading and does not provide for interventions on how to get there, NDP III should reflect achievements of NDP II and not targets, create a target for Vision 2030 thus have a fully serviced industrialization park, prosed a development approach that has linkages to the different sectors, need for operational indicators and not target indicators, look at multi sectoral linkages in terms of planning; the different regions and sectors need to be consolidated to do away with the gap, need for provisions for youth to penetrate and support the sectors thus duo-qualification certification system, the plan should speak to the realities of today and tomorrow, program based approach is still generic and does not promote inclusion among others.

Participants from the different Organisations also presented a paper comprising of comments on the different areas in the draft NDP III including; Agro-industrialisation, mineral development, Sustainable Development of Petroleum products, tourism development, Climate change, natural resources and Environment and Water Management, Human Capital Development, Private Sector Development, manufacturing, integrated Transport infrastructure and Services, Sustainable Urbanisation and Housing, Governance and security programme, Public Sector Transformation.

As a way forward participants were requested to share their presentations with NGO Forum so that they are used to input into the fundamental paper that will be presented to the National Planning Authority. The paper will also be used as an advocacy tool during the implementation of the NDP.