Regional Advocacy Networks receive IT support

Published By UNNGOF |  April 1, 2021

As part of boosting record keeping, documentation and communication amongst the UNNGOF sub national partners, 11 laptops were donated to 11 Regional Advocacy Networks(RANs) by UNNGOF in partnership with Forus and with funding from European Commission. This support comes under the UNNGOF-Forus one-year project that aims at strengthening communication and governance in Umbrella Organizations. The justification of this IT support is based on our several engagements where we have appreciated that capacity building is not an event but a process and therefore found it prudent to support the RANs with modern laptops to help them cope with the new demands of virtual engagements in the face of COVID19 pandemic.

The RANs that benefited from this IT support include; Mukono NGO Forum, Namutumba NGO Forum, Pallisa CSO Network, Kapchorwa CSO Alliance, RIAMRIAM CSO Network-Karamoja, Lira NGO Forum, Gulu NGO Forum, Arua District NGO Network, Kitara CSO Network, Kabarole NGO&CBO Association and Western Ankole Civil Society Network.

This contribution follows a training on external communication and results-oriented reporting held by UNNGOF on the 2nd and 4th March 2021, we believe documentation and external communication cannot be effective without reliable gadgets. Communication is a process of transmitting and sharing ideas, opinions, facts, values e.t.c from one person to another or one organization to another; communication brings people together, closer to each other. It bridges the gap between individuals and groups through flow of information and understanding between them. This process needed to be enhanced with operational gadgets and thus the donation of these laptops.